We accept applicants on the basis of being first to complete the following:  

         Submission of a completed and signed application with all information, and the $40 nonrefundable application fee in the form of money order or credit card.

         Having supporting documentation readily available such as income documents, a listing of past and present Landlord contact information, and any other documents we may require.

         Is prepared with the funds necessary for move in, in the form of money order or cashiers check. Based on the information required, you may then be approved for residency.  



We treat each of our properties as if they were our own. Therefore, in order to qualify, each applicant must apply individually for the following:  

Your Rental History - This is very important and we need to be able to contact your current and previous Landlord. Be thorough in providing us this information completely and correctly.

Your Credit History - Credit is only one of the criteria we consider. There is no reason to believe that if you have bad credit that you will not qualify, but also note that because we qualify you under several criteria, that good credit alone is not a guarentee that you will qualify.

Wages & Earnings - Employment earnings are standard sources of income, of course, but please note that your spouse's income, any support payments you receive, federal or state housing assistance, alimony, disability or workmen's comp, and proceeds from your investments are all taken into consideration as well.  Proof of these sources will be required in the form of your tax return or check stubs for our verification.

4 Legged Friends - Pets are an individual issue that varies depending upon the property owners. If not notated on the listing, feel free to call us and ask about the specific restrictions for that property.

Additional Residents - These restrictions may vary depending on the property. All potential residents 18 years of age or older must be approved.