We accept applicants on the basis of being first to complete the following: 
-Submission of a completed application for anyone occupying the home over the age of 18 along with $40 nonrefundable application fee for each adult applicant. This fee is to process the background  and credit check. We accept  limited criminal history; the credit score will determine a month or month and a half security  deposit for  most  proprieties. We also are looking for any prior evictions or judgments. 
-Having supporting documentation readily available and submitted with your application. Most recent pay stubs showing your year to date earnings , W-2, if self employed your filed tax return and current bank records. Income should be three times the monthly rent. 
- A rental ledger from your current Landlords showing you're up to date on your rent, If renting from a a private owner, we will provide a form for the owner to complete and send back to us. If you are not in a current lease or have been recently, you may need a co-signer. This may be waived if you have a credit score in the 700's. 
- ID: Drivers license, social security card or passport if you do not have a social security card. 
- You will need to be prepared with the funds necessary for move in. Once approved we will request a holding deposit to be paid within 24 hours. The balance of the security deposit and first months rent will be due at the closing.
- Pet approval varies and is  individually based upon the property owners desire to allow pets or not. If not noted on the listing, please feel free to call and ask us about the specific restrictions for that property.