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Beka Management has extensive experience in the field of Property Management, and we are prepared to facilitate the process of leasing your property with the knowledge and ability that comes from years of experience. Our goal is to work to find you the best resident(s) available for your property and be sensitive to your needs and concerns.
We utilize professional resources that are not available to individuals, in order to make a more educated decision about the credibility of a potential resident. With our years of experience and Real Estate Brokering credentials, we make it our business to keep informed of any changes in the market or legalities that may affect your property.
We are full time property managers with 35+ years of experience.
We have seen it all and can handle anything, with no markup on maintenance.
Our 6 month guarantee says that if a tenant moves out (job transfer, divorce, etc.) within 6 months we will not charge to fill your property again.
We receive all incoming calls and emails regarding the property and handle any problems that may occur.
We protect your identity by being the liaison between you and the tenant.
We will follow up with you 60 days before the contract expires to inquire about contract re-negotiations. Should you decide to offer an extension, we will contact the tenant for you and extend the lease at no charge.
At Beka Management we believe that the most important goal, next to finding the right qualified resident, is to rent the property as quickly as possible in order to maximize your income. We are skilled in the area of composing highly effective ads, as well as knowing where and when to place them, along with internet advertising to maximize the exposure. Various newspapers, internet sources and rental agencies are all scrutinized so as to utilize the most effective placement for an individual property.
We will get fair market rent by checking our database with recent rental comparisons. We lease quickly so that you don't miss out on rent.
We market your property by taking pictures, writing up a professional description, posting it to our website, 21 paid internet sites, MLS and Craigslist.
Beka Management will give you the professional advantage in the selection of a reputable resident. We know the red flags, and have acquired a "trained eye" in the skill of reading between the lines. We analyze the data collected through our extensive background search process. Armed with this information, the chances of a negative experience are greatly reduced.
We find the right tenant by:
  • Screening them with a series of questions before we show them the property.
  • Doing an in depth background check on the applicant.
  • Running their rental history both locally and nationally.
  • Verifying their income.
  • Checking for any criminal record.
  • Pulling up any NSF checks they have written.
  • Reviewing their credit history.

Questions to ask other Property Management Companies:

  • Do they charge for lease extensions? We don't.
  • How do they find tenants? Very thorough - Court Filings, Bad Checks, Etc.
  • Do they markup maintenance? We don't.
  • Do they garnish wages? We do.
  • What are their court costs? Our attorney fee is typically $75.



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